Meet Dr. Jensen

Dr. Tara Jensen, Annapolis Dentist


Quickly, a little about me...

I grew up all over Maryland, including Cape St. Claire, Arnold, Pasadena, Oxford and Annapolis to name just a few places.  I graduated with honors from Broadneck High School and then Cum Laude from St. Mary's College of Maryland.  After that, I attended the University of Maryland Dental School where I earned my DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery, in case you've ever wondered what that means).  I played soccer, basketball and lacrosse in college. 

Now, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters and visiting with friends and family.  Our interests include sailing, sports and pretty much any water related activity! 

I also truly love being a dentist!!!  I have wanted to be a dentist since I was 5 years old!!!  It is even written in my baby book! 

A trip to the dentist doesn't have to be "scary"

I know people can be afraid of the dentist.  I have many patients who used to be "timid" or "concerned" or even down right "scared" of the dental office.  (Key term, used to be!!!)  My team and I completely understand that is how some folks feel.  If you feel that way or someone you know in your family does, that's okay.  Truly!  We're here to help and make sure you receive excellent dental care and the personable customer service you deserve so you can reclaim your Confident Smile.

Take action - don't wait any longer!

Now, it's your turn.  Come see us in our Annapolis dentist office so we can learn a little bit about you!  Whether it be for family dental care, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants, please contact our Annapolis Dentist office or use our dental appointment request form so you can feel the difference when you come to a dentist office that treats you like a neighbor and not just a number!


Dr. Jensen Kayaking in Annapolis & Dr. Jensen sailing in Key West!